El Jowry:

El Jowry is one of the Els that live in Xhambala; owner of the paths of Avant-garde, the known land. In the moment that this story begins to unfold, El Jowry needs to take measures to avoid the breakdown of the balance of Avant-garde and selects Jowry Savana to protect the interests of the Els.

Jowry Savana:

Raised in Savana-garde, one of the most important cities in Avant-garde, Jowry Savana is the son of a vendor for Fugitive & Fine Industries, the conglomerate and communications monopoly of Avant-garde. At a very young age, he suffered a heart condition that led him to be admitted to the hospital, on the brink of death. Thanks to the fact that his father was a star seller, he won special attention from the best experimental cardiologist of the land, hired by Fugitive & Fine Industries.

Following the life of Jowry Savana, we will see how he becomes the most influential artist in Avant-garde, thanks to El Jowry, and achieves the goal of keeping the utopia alive.


The known land, a perfect world where the inhabitants live in homogeneity and happiness, in a state of peace; one nation that cares for its environment and lives in harmony.


El Xhambala – The history of the Els and what there is in the “beyond”

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Avant-garde 20|XX – (Conceptual album) – The mission of Jowry Savana in Avant-garde, the known land.

Nyx – Introduction to El Soddy

Hoy no sé – The path, “beyond”

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