Avant-garde 20|XX is El Jowry’s first musical production, composed of various Urban Latino music genres such as Reggaeton, Trap, Brazilian funk, Dembow, Reggae, Pop, and experimental fusions.

Composed of 11 songs, it is a concept album that tells the story of Avant-garde, a utopian nation dominated by El Jowry, one of the Els (beings) who acts as the god of destiny.

El Jowry is threatened by El Soddy, a human who manages to escape from the Avant-garde, becoming an El. His greatest desire is to destroy the Avant-garde, so El Jowry must take measures to prevent the breakdown of this paradise.

Jowry Savana is chosen and made into a pop icon and the most influential artist in the world by El Jowry, in order to keep the nation entertained and save Avant-garde from destruction.

Avant-garde 20|XX is a multimedia work that, through fantastic stories, offers a satirical lens for the observation of mass culture in the 21st century and invites contemplation and reflection on modern aesthetics and values.

1. La Leyenda del Xhambala
La Leyenda del Xhambala
2. Manifiesto: Se Siente
Manifiesto: Se Siente Carátula
3. Se Toca
4. Muñequita
Muñequita Portada
5. Dembow Macarena
El Jowry viene pronto
6. Bailando en la Disco
7. Préndeme en Llamas
La portada de Préndeme en llamas
8. Eoa
El Jowry viene pronto
9. La Cosa Nostra
El Jowry viene pronto
10. Popsicle City
El Jowry viene pronto
11. La Isla de Baal
El Jowry viene pronto
+Bailando en la Disco (8D)